Cemetery Spring Clean-Up

Officials will be conducting the Spring clean-up at Mount Calvary Cemetery in Wheeling, W.Va., weather permitting, beginning March l and concluding March 15.

All items will be removed throughout the entire cemetery (graves and mausoleums). Items in vases on the graves will be removed too. Please remove any items you wish to keep by February 28. After February 28 all items will be removed.

Please do not place any items in the cemetery until March 16th.
Further information is available at Mount Calvary Cemetery Office by calling (304) 242-0460. Copies of the rules and regulations are available at Mount Calvary Cemetery’s Main Office.

Monthly First Friday Mass at 5:30 p.m. Celebrated at the Bishop’s Chapel located in Mount Calvary Cemetery. All are welcome.

Burial of the faithful and care for their final Catholic resting places with dignity, honor and respect.

Mount Calvary offers grave space, mausoleum crypts, niche space and a full line of monuments, grave markers, benches and cameos.